4 Effective Supplements For Reducing Knee Pain

Knee pain is arguably the major problem that prevents people from carrying out their day to day activities that involve moving up or down stairs, cleaning your room, walking or even picking a fallen item from the floor. Whether aging causes the knee pain, sports injury or osteoarthritis, being familiar joint supplements to reduce knee pain, stiffness and other knee related problems are an important step everyone should take. Below are some supplements considered by doctors and medical nutritionists to be more effective remedies when it comes to alienating knee pain.

1. Glucosamine

This is one of the commonly used herbal supplement around the globe,hstetha and it is an important constituent in the development of cartilage. It enhances your joint health by intensifying production of cartilage, thus reducing pain and inflammation at the same time as improving joint movement and possibly improving the overall joint conditions. Combining this supplement with Chondroitin will boost every aspect of your joints. Most pharmacologists stock this combination, as they are known to perform effectively and provide long lasting results.

2. Chondroitin

When combined with Glucosamine, Chondroitin is the most effective supplement for enhancing general joint health. During any joint movement, bones tend to rub against each other. As a result, the joints become inflamed which in turn result to knee pains. This may perhaps come about when the cartilage tissues are worn down, so there is inadequate protective tissue at the joints, and therefore results in pain and inflammation on the knees. Chondroitin supplements help in intensifying formation of cartilage on the bones, thus reducing pain and inflammation. However, these supplements may cause some stomach problems, so it is recommended that you use chondroitin supplements after heavy meals.

3. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is mostly used in Middle East countries like India, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It is an effective ingredient for reducing cholesterol and glucose levels thus it’s an ideal remedy for diabetic patients, and those with inflammatory problems such as asthma, bowel disease, bronchitis as well as arthritis. Furthermore, patients suffering from kidney diseases are advised to use this supplement on a regular basis. However, Fenugreek should be avoided by pregnant women. Overdosing can result in stomach problem. So it’s better to consult a doctor on the appropriate intake of this supplement especially if you are on diabetic medication.

4. Cayenne

gragMany people consider it as a food additive since it’s a kind of pepper originating from capsicum family. But if you visit a well-stocked drugstore or chemist, you will see creams, gels and muscle rubs containing cayenne that are used to relieve pain that results from arthritis, back pain, sprains, painful conditions affecting the nervous system as well as headaches. When taken in small amounts, homemade cayenne pepper may actually relieve the stomach discomforts that can occur. However, Cayenne can hamper the functionality of other medications; therefore it’s important to seek advice from your physician or doctor before taking this supplement. Ensure you rinse your hands with a cleanser after using muscle rubs, gels or creams containing any capsicum extract like cayenne as it can irritate or burn if exposed to sensitive organs like eyes.…